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Geschenkideen für Männer mit Glatze

Gift ideas for bald men

Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary or another occasion: the search begins anew every time: what is the perfect gift for men?
After Shave für sensible Haut: Worauf es nach der Rasur ankommt

Aftershave for sensitive skin: What matters after shaving

Razor bumps, razor burn, reddened skin and other skin irritations are unsightly consequences of using the wrong razor, a rough shaving technique or a faulty aftershave routine. But what is important when choosing the right aftershave for your skin?
Warum Bodybuilder fast alle Haarausfall & Glatze haben? 👨‍🦲 Das sind die Gründe

Why almost all bodybuilders have hair loss & a bald head? 👨‍🦲 These are the reasons

If you pay close attention, you'll quickly notice that most bodybuilders are bald. Especially in competitive bodybuilding, whether amateur bodybuilding or professional bodybuilding. But why?
Bartöle im Check

The most popular beard oils on Amazon - we do the check!

Which beard oils are the most popular? We looked at the top 5 best-selling beard oils on Amazon and put them under the microscope for you.
Mann mit Glatze in der Sonne

Tips against sunburn on the scalp

The right sun protection for the scalp, that's how it works! The long-awaited summer with good weather and lots of sun is in full swing.
Bachelorette Sharon Battiste steht zur Glatze

Bachelorette Sharon Battiste is bald

The new season of The Bachelorette just started. In this blog article you can find out why Sharon Battiste is the #BOLDbachelorette for us & what baldness has to do with it.
Mann fühlt sich frei

With a healthy skin to more self-confidence

You feel uncomfortable in your own skin and are looking for a way for more self-esteem?

Skin care is one of the most proven ways to improve your relationship with yourself and get to know yourself anew, along with exercise, which by the way can also have a positive effect on your skin texture.

Haarpigmentierung, definierte Haarlinie

Hair pigmentation: tips for bald care

BETTER BE BOLD ➡️ Perfect care after hair pigmentation

✓ Care for the longevity of your pigments 

✓ Natural matte effect

✓ Our cream is absorbed very quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft


Mann benutzt das Best Face Scenario After Shave & Face Balm

Facial care - 3 steps to a perfectly cared skin

Our skin serves our body day after day as protection against various influences. But who actually protects our skin?

This job can be done by high-quality care products with the right ingredients. 

Mann cremt sich die Glatze mit der Glatzencreme ein

How to care & protect my bald head properly!

Although it may seem otherwise at first glance, the scalp is very special by its nature and therefore requires special care. 

Normally, hair offers us protection all over the body. This protection falls away accordingly with a bald head, which is why we have to counteract with special care.



Die Stufen von erblich bedingtem Haarausfall

Hereditary hair loss. Why and what to do?

In general, hair loss can have various causes. The most common reason for hair loss is hereditary hair loss, but there are also other reasons such as stress, deficiency symptoms or, for example, lack of sleep.
Mann beim Glatze rasieren

How do I shave my bald head correctly?

BETTER BE BOLD ❤️ Shave bald head easily ✓ Tips for shaving your head ✓ Shaver for bald head ✓ Shave bald head without skin irritation or redness ✓ After shave for bald head ✓ Natural moisturizing care for bald head ✓ No more irritated scalp