This is how our bald cream works

The cream,
that makes bald men

Moisturizing care. Absorbs very quickly.
Soothing and protective effect for the scalp.
Natural anti-shine effect.
Masculine fresh fragrance with a slight citrus note.
Not all that glitters is gold.

What makes baldness so special?

The scalp is more sensitive than other parts of the skin and dries out quickly.
Regular shaving irritates and stresses the scalp.
The high sebum production of the scalp often leads to unwanted shine.
Better be unique

We love innovation.

Self-developed fragrance in collaboration with Germany's most renowned fragrance house.
Specially developed mattifying complex for a natural anti-shine effect.

We let actions speak.

Natural & Vegan

Only natural & vegan ingredients. We take care of our environment.

No microplastics

We refrain from everything that is harmful.

Packaged sustainably

Our packaging is made of recycled green glass & PET.

Only the best for you

No lazy compromises. Quality first.

Made in Germany

Our products are made in Germany, as regionally as possible.

No more bad hair days.

The decision to go bald is brave but extremely liberating.
For me it was the best decision of my life.

Dennis – Co-Founder of BETTER BE BOLD

Known from

This is what our community says.

Finally a cream for my bald head that helps against my shine. Thank you guys!


Great cream and the smell is mega


Long searched for such a product! Perfect bald head care. Recommendable!


Lucky Heads

A gift for happy bald people

Enough of socks, ties and barbecue accessories? Our No hair. Full Care. Bald Cream is the perfect gift for your favorite bald people.

Our high quality cream with unique design and premium packaging brings joy to the house and is 100% a successful change.


Zero hair needs
hero care.

8 out of 10 men suffer from hereditary hair loss: It usually looks modest and is extremely stressful. Be brave and dare.

Need 3 good reasons to go bald?

Bold even without a bald head.

No bald head? No problem.
There will be something for us soon too. Stay tuned!

Roberto – Co-Founder of BETTER BE BOLD