Die Kopfhaut gehört mit über 2.500 Rezeptoren zu den sensibelsten Stellen des gesamten Körpers und der fehlende Schutz des Haupthaars macht die Glatze besonders empfindlich. Gönn' Dir die perfekte Pflege-Routine für Deine Glatze und trage Deine Glatze mit Stolz.

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BETTER BE BOLD - Premium Glatzenpflege

100% handgemacht in Deutschland.

Our customers are convinced ⭐️


NEW! Anti-Pigment Bald Serum against age spots 👨🏼‍🦲

Our new anti-pigment Bald Serum is finally here: with 2% alpha arbutin, it makes dark age spots and pigmentation spots disappear and offers special intensive care for the scalp with moringa oil and primrose oil.

Founder by conviction.

Made by a bald head for bald heads.

Hey! I am Dennis, the founder of BETTER BE BOLD.

2016 I noticed for the first time that I am losing my hair. It passed 4 emotional years full of uncertainty until I decided in March 2021 "I shave my head". That was a brave decision And an extreme liberating feeling for me.

That was the birth of BETTER BE BOLD.

You can always trust a bald guy.

Directly from the Sauerland.

Handmade in Germany.

All our products are made with love in Germany.

This means we can always guarantee the best quality for you. In the video, we give you a very candid insight into the production of our bestseller, the bald cream. 🌱


New hairstyle. New challenges.

The bald head and its challenges.

✓ The scalp has 2,500 receptors, is extremely thin and therefore belongs to the most sensitive places of the entire body.

✓ The risk of sunburn & skin cancer is many times higher than with other skin areas.

✓ The bald head tends to have a greasy film due to the increased sebum production of the scalp.

Razor burn, skin irritation & dry spots often are the result of wrong care & hygiene.

Your chance to win a trip to Tuscany, Italy.

Your chance to win a trip to Tuscany, Italy.

Es gelten unsere Teilnahmebedingungen.

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