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Known from

Dennis Baltzer, Mitgründer von Better Be Bold mit Glatzencreme in der Hand
Mitgründer Roberto Bianco beim benutzen des Best Face Scenarios
The original from BETTER BE BOLD

The number 1 for men with and without bald heads.

With our innovative products like the mattifying bald cream and the first sun fluid specially developed for sensitive scalps we not only make millions of bald people happy, we have also created a completely new product category.

The Founder's Story

My way from hair loss to baldness.

Like 8 out of 10 men, co-founder Dennis suffered from hereditary hair loss.

Learn the story behind BETTER BE BOLD and how the idea for the world's first bald cream arose from a personal fate.


We care.

All that glitters is not gold.

The scalp and its challenges.

✓ The scalp has 2,500 receptors, is extremely thin and is therefore one of the most sensitive parts of the entire body.

✓ The risk of Sunburn & Skin Cancer is many times higher than in other skin areas.

✓ The bald head tends to one greasy movie due to the increased sebum production of the scalp.

Razor burn, skin irritation & dry patches are almost always the result of improper care.

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