Sustainability is very close to our heart. Our products are made in Germany, we work with numerous regional suppliers. From packaging to ingredients, we want to make everything as natural & sustainable as possible.
We founded BETTER BE BOLD in November 2020, but the idea is a few months older. We are happy that you support us as a young start-up. Welcome to the family.
For optimal care of your scalp, daily massage a fingertip of the balding cream on the scalp and let it work. Also directly after shaving.
You can always recognize this by the symbol with the opened lid directly on the product packaging. For our baldness cream, for example, we indicate 12 months, which means that we recommend consuming the cream within 12 months, once the lid has been opened.
Yes, our products are all vegan. We like animals and therefore also make sure that our products do not contain any animal ingredients. That our products are also free of animal testing is a matter of course for us.
Yes, our products are all natural and natural cosmetics certifiable.
Our products are all manufactured in Germany. We also source our packaging materials from Germany.
Cool that you are interested in our products. Just send us a short mail to dennis@betterbebold.eu. Dennis is responsible for sales and will get in touch with you. He is certainly looking forward to it.
Shipping takes 2-4 business days within Germany.
For shipping within Germany, you will not be charged any shipping costs from an order value of €19.99. Below an order value of €19.99, shipping within Germany costs €3.95. If you live in another EU country, we will deliver to you free of charge from an order value of €49. Below an order value of €49, you will be charged €8.99 for shipping if you live in another EU country. Outside of Europe (Non-EU) we do not yet offer shipping. If you are interested in our products and live outside of the EU, please contact us using the contact form or send us an email to hello@betterbebold.eu.
Unfortunately, you would have to bear the costs for a return yourself. However, if you have paid via PayPal, you have the option to have PayPal refund the return costs up to 25 times a year. Learn more about this service under the following link: https://www.paypal.com/de/webapps/mpp/refunded-returns
No. We have deliberately decided against UV protection for our bald cream. Why? A chemical sunscreen absorbs well into the skin, but it contradicts our goal of naturalness. Mineral UV protection, on the other hand, is basically great, but it leaves a white residue on the skin and makes it difficult to absorb. Fast absorption and a perfect matte effect were particularly important for the cream.
You are not satisfied with your order? Too bad! Please call the following link to easily return your shipment to us: https://betterbebold.shipping-portal.com/rp/