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Are your products vegan?

Yes, our products are all vegan. We like animals and therefore also make sure that our products are not contained. The fact that our products are also free from animal experiments is a self -image for us.

Where do you make your products from?

100% made in Germany: Our products are made with a lot of love in Germany. We work with numerous regional suppliers. We also obtain our packaging materials from Germany.

I am a dealer and want to get in touch with you - how can I reach you?

Cool that you are interested in our products. Just write us a short email Dennis is responsible for sales and will contact you. He is already looking forward to it.

Shipping, return and exchange

How long does delivery take?

As a rule, we will send the order in the same or next working day when it comes to shipping goods. But please understand if it takes a little longer. With DPD and DHL, your shipment can be traced and mostly within 1-3 working days with you. We will send you the shipping confirmation including tracking by email.

Who pays the costs for a return?

Unfortunately, you would have to bear the costs for a return.

A tip from us: If you have paid via PayPal, there is the possibility to have the return costs reimbursed at PayPal up to 25 times a year. Find out more about this service at the following link:

What service provider is my package with?

We ship within Germany with DPD or DHL.

I would like to have a packing station delivered. What do I have to consider?

Delivering to a packing station within Germany is not a problem for us. Please enter your post number in the field for the address additive. You do not have to state the address of the packing station itself, on the contrary, this can lead to confusion. The ideal format looks like this: 

John Doe
Post number
Packstation XY
Postcode & City

Please note that we can not deliver to post office, but only at packing stations.

Where can I find my shipment number?

You can find your shipment success in your shipping confirmation. We will send you this by email after creating the shipping certificate. Please also check your spam folder regularly. 

Do I get a notification when my order has been sent?

Yes, you will receive a shipping confirmation by email as soon as we prepare your order in the logistics for shipping and the shipment number was created. Please also check your spam folder. As a rule, however, it takes a few hours before you can call up the shipping status. This is normal and no reason to worry.

When and how do I get my money back after a return?

Please forgive if the reimbursement of your order takes a little longer. After receipt of your return, we will usually send you the amount back within 1-2 weeks. We always reimburse the means of payment used.

Bald cream

Why should I use the bald cream?

3 good reasons:

Care is the be -all and end -all: the scalp is a sensitive area of ​​skin that is always exposed to external influences, such as sweat in summer or the cold in winter. Our cream protects your scalp from these external influences through rich care.

The scalp produces sebum, which creates the effect of a shiny scalp. For the matt effect of the scalp, we have developed our matting complex with a natural pumpkin skating extract. Never again annoying shine of the scalp.

The scalp is constantly exposed to irritation due to shaves, which is shown, for example, in the form of redness. Thanks to the magnolia extract it contains, our bald cream has a skin -calming effect and is perfect as an after shave after the head shave.

Which ingredients are included in the bald cream and what effect do you have?

Our highlight ingredients are jojoba oil, magnolia extract and pumpkin skipping extract.

Jojoba oil offers you moisturizing care. Magnolia extract has a calming and protective and pumpkin skipping extract for a matt and silky effect on your scalp.

How do I use the bald cream correctly?

Take a fingertip (such as cherry stone sizes) of the bald cream, rub it in your hands and massage the cream into your bald head.

For an optimal matting effect, we have the motto: less is more because we rely on the high quality of our products. The bald cream is very productive, a small amount is sufficient for the perfect application.

Does your bald cream have sun protection?

No, our bald cream has no sun protection. We deliberately decided against UV protection in our bald cream.

Why? Chemical sun protection moves well into the skin, but contradicts our goal of naturalness. Mineral UV protection, on the other hand, is generally great, but has the consequence that it leaves white residues on the skin and makes it difficult to move in. Quickly pull in and a perfect matt effect was particularly important for the cream.

In addition to the bald cream, we therefore recommend our solar fluid specially developed for bald head and face.

How does the bald cream smell?

The popular scent of our bald cream is male fresh with a light citrus note.

Is the bald cream also suitable for hair pigmentation?

Our bald cream is perfect for care after hair pigmentation. Because your scalp needs a lot of moisture after hair pigmentation. At the same time, you promote the longevity of your pigments and even bring them into its own.

Can you also use the bald cream for short hair?

We recommend using the bald cream with a hair length up to 3mm. She penetrates the scalp. The bald cream is also wonderfully suitable for so-called buzz cuts.


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