Better Be Bold-Gründer Dennis Baltzer und Roberto Bianco im Barbershop
We want to shave

The BETTER BE BOLD founder story

Dennis & Roberto: 2 best friends with a great idea.

And as so often, the best things in life begin with a story: Our story begins with Dennis' hair loss. Like 8 out of 10 men, co-founder Dennis suffered from hereditary hair loss.

From hair loss to startup? Find out more about how our start-up story continued...

Hey man, where's my hair?

Houston, we have a problem.

Bali, Indonesia (2016)

"It feels like yesterday. In June 2016, while on vacation in Bali, I noticed for the first time that my hair was thinning. It really bothered me."

Daraufhin folgten


Jahre voller Unsicherheit


schlaflose Nächte


erfolglose Experimente mit diversen Haarwuchsmitteln

Founder shaving his head in Murcia (Spain) for the first time
"Un bald head por favor."

No more bad hair days.

Murcia, Spain (2020)

"It was a sunny day in Murcia, the wind exposed my bald spots. It was here that I made the decision and I wanted to go bald with confidence. Because I never wanted to be one of those men who comb their last strands of hair straight across their heads ."

* the photo is from the Barbershop in Murcia.

Mitgründer Dennis Baltzer ist stolzer Glatzenträger
Be free. Be happy. Be bold.

The decision to go bald is brave, but extremely liberating. For me it was the best decision of my life.

Dennis - Co-founder of BETTER BE BOLD

Dennis Baltzer und Roberto Bianco, Gründer von Better Be Bold
From zero to hero

From hair loss to the best bald cream in the world

When my hair was shaved off and I was now bald, I realized that being bald also had its pitfalls.

Dry scalp, skin irritation from shaving and shiny scalp (I was recognized from a distance of 300m).

Since there was no suitable product on the market, Roberto and I had to change something and that's how our idea was born.

Naturalness meets lifestyle

Natural men's care from the Sauerland

We founded BETTER BE BOLD and decided to develop the best bald cream in the world.

With other products such as our Best Face Scenario, we have a big mission:

We combine natural men's care with innovation & lifestyle.