Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary or another occasion: the search begins anew every time: what is the perfect gift for men?

Men like practical gifts

Even if many men are often simply knitted (I'm a man myself & I admit that we like practical gifts), at some point it's enough of ties, socks, barbecue accessories and the voucher for the car wash.

You show that you have thought about it

A good gift for the bald man should be individual and suit your loved one.

But what suits a bald man? Well logo: Something with brains. Or better for the head?

High-quality care for bald people

With our products we have developed natural & high-quality care products for bald people: Since the scalp, with its 2,500 receptors and the 3 extremely thin skin layers, is one of the most sensitive parts of the entire body, it needs special protection and care. We have the right thing for that.

Our products contain high-quality ingredients, are packaged in high-quality glass and the gift boxes ensure a real WOW experience.

Our gift box for well-groomed bald people



Our Bald Cream

For everyone who has a face: Our Best Face Scenario - the 2-in-1 After Shave Balm & Face Care.


We wish you a lot of joy with the gift!