Razor bumps, razor burn, reddened skin and other skin irritations are unsightly consequences of using the wrong razor, a rough shaving technique or a faulty aftershave routine. But what is important when choosing the right aftershave for your skin type?

Traditional vs. modern After Shaves

In addition to the traditional form of aftershave as aftershave, you will also find modern aftershaves in the form of lotions, balms, creams and gels.

Typical traditional aftershaves serve to refresh the skin and to reduce inflammation after shaving. The ingredients are mainly characterized by perfume oil, alcohol and often menthol. Accordingly, we recommend traditional aftershaves for men who are not prone to irritation due to sensitive or sensitive skin.

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In contrast, modern aftershaves usually offer far better care properties than traditional aftershaves and are therefore the more recommended option for men with sensitive skin.

While after shave lotions are increasingly replacing aftershave with their high percentage of perfume oil, after shave balms stand out particularly because of their combination of healing, anti-inflammatory and caring properties.

For this reason we decided to use an after shave balm when manufacturing our after shave and added an additional level to it.

Our Best Face Scenario not only offers the above-mentioned advantages of a modern aftershave balm, but also contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and tocopherol, which are usually found in face care creams. This turns our Best Face Scenario into a 2-in-1 after shave balm with face care and represents the perfect solution for all men who do not want to use an additional face care product in addition to the after shave. One face - one product.

Best Face Scenario. 2-in-1 After Shave Balm & Face Care