If you pay close attention, you'll quickly notice that most bodybuilders are bald. Especially in competitive bodybuilding, whether amateur bodybuilding or professional bodybuilding. how come

Well-known professional bodybuilders with bald heads

Many well-known bodybuilders are bald: The 8-time Mister Olympia Ronny Coleman but also other Mister Olympia winners like Phil Heath or Dexter Jackson have zero hair.

Super heavyweight Big Ramy or bodybuilding legends like Victor Martinez, Branch Warren or Flex Wheeler are bald.

But some of the German bodybuilders are also bald: Peter Baers, Heiko Kallbach and Tobias Hahne are proud bald men.

And even ex-Team Andro Face & Rep One founder Matze Busse is the owner of a very well-groomed bald head.

Why are so many bodybuilders bald?

It is very striking that so many people in bodybuilding are bald.

For genetic reasons, 8 out of 10 men are affected by hereditary hair loss in their lifetime: some a little more, others a little less. From a slight receding hairline, hair loss can lead to complete baldness.

In the male population, it is statistically assumed that around 10-15% are bald. In bodybuilding, the rate of bald people is at least 60-70%.

Testosterone: the reason for increased hair loss?

The use of steroids is an integral part of both amateur sports and amateur and professional bodybuilding. The basis is often the active ingredient testosterone.

In combination with the right diet and training, the body's own male hormone not only leads to muscle building, but also to an increased testosterone level. And this, in turn, can greatly increase the likelihood of baldness.

More hair on the chest and neck, but a little less hair on the head - fair deal? :)

Bald as a beauty ideal in bodybuilding?

You can also increasingly see bodybuilders considering hair transplantation, such as Max Madsen.

Nevertheless, we believe that the body cult naturally plays a central role in bodybuilding and that a bald head leads to a very masculine, brute and massive look, which at the same time always looks very well-groomed.

How does it go to a well-groomed bald head?

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