Beard oils have become indispensable in a well-stocked men's bathroom: Anyone who wears a beard and values a well-groomed appearance usually uses beard oil to optimally care for their facial hairstyle. It doesn't matter whether you have a 3-day beard or a full beard: The beard oil is used to care for the beard from both the inside and outside - and of course also the facial skin under the beard. A good beard oil is characterized by various criteria: the effect, the quality of the essential oils, the scent and of course the price.

But which beard oils are the most popular? We looked at the top 5 best-selling beard oils on Amazon and put them under the microscope for you!

Number 1: Brooklyn Soap Company Beard Oil

The best selling beard oil on Amazon comes from the Brooklyn Soap Company! Surely everyone who deals with beard oils has already stumbled across this beard oil. After all, it can be found in any well-stocked drugstore. The beard oil makes the beard soft and supple thanks to sesame oil, jojoba and argan oil and has a very pleasant smell of lavender and rosemary. With the practical pump dispenser, the amount can be dosed wonderfully. At €7.55, it's also the absolute price-performance winner for daily beard care, with which you absolutely can't go wrong.

Product Picture Brooklyn Soap Company Beard Oil
Brooklyn Soap Company Beard Oil
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Number 2: L'Oreal Men Expert Barber Club Beard Oil

The beard oil from L'Oreal Men Expert came in second. Quite surprising from our point of view, because the ingredients are not of very high quality: "Caprylic" is the only oil in the list that can be found as a neutral oil. Contrary to what the manufacturer states, the oil does not smell of classic cedar wood, but has a pleasant, sweet smell, which is achieved by adding perfume oil. At 6.60 € a very cheap beard oil, which we advise against due to the poor ingredients.

Product picture L'Oreal Men Expert Barber Club Beard oil
L'Oreal Men Expert Barber Club Beard Oil


Number 3: Camden Barbershop Company Beard Oil

Camden Barbershop Company's Beard Oil is #3 on Amazon's bestseller list. The beard oil scores with 100% natural ingredients and has a range of essential oils that wonderfully care for the beard and facial skin. These include almond oil, cedarwood oil, argan oil, and lime oil. The latter ensures a pleasantly unobtrusive and fresh scent. With a very fair price of €14 for a 50ml bottle, you can try this oil without hesitation.

Product picture Camden Barbershop Company Beard Oil
Camden Barbershop Company Beard Oil


Number 4: Viking Revolution Beard Oil

Viking Revolution Beard Oil is the #4 Best Seller on Amazon and is the most expensive beard oil on this list at €27 for 30ml. The 100% natural beard oil uses argan and jojoba oil as the main ingredients and is therefore completely fragrance-free, which we find pleasant: We find that not all products that you use in the morning in your daily care routine become a fragrance cocktail have to mix. With this product we finally find a beard oil with a classic pipette instead of a pump dispenser for dosing. A very solid beard oil from our point of view.

Product picture Viking Revolution Beard Oil
Viking Revolution Beard Oil


Number 5: Proraso Beard Oil Wood & Spice

5th place in the beard oil bestseller goes to Proraso with their beard oil in the "Wood & Spice" fragrance. For just under €11 you get a 30ml dropper bottle with a pipette and the barbershop feeling from your holiday in Italy at home. Macadamia and avocado oil provide rich care, the oil smells warm and woody at the same time, but quite intensely. If you like it a little more subtle, you should look around for another beard oil, otherwise this beard oil is also one of our favorites. Only the quality of the pipette left a lot to be desired after using this beard oil for a long time: The silicone head of the pipette hardens over time, which makes it increasingly difficult to use and quite annoying - please fix this, dear friends of Proraso!

Product picture Proraso Beard Oil Wood & Spice
Beard Oil Wood & Spice


Our conclusion

It feels like beard oils are now a dime a dozen: the Amazon bestseller list also lists several hundred items. It is worth checking out the other beard oils on Amazon. Also, some of our personal favorites are not among the 5 best-selling beard oils on Amazon: These include, among others, this Premium beard oil from Störtebekker or that Beard Oil Sage Cypress by Blackbeards. The latter testifies to a particularly high quality and is even made by hand in Germany.

By the way: If you are tired of using several care products every morning and evening, our Best Face Scenario is perfect for caring for your beard: Our all-purpose weapon for every man's face is not only the ideal combination of after shave balm and face cream, but can also be wonderfully extended into the beard when applied to the face. Try it!


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