The right sun protection for the scalp, that's how it works!

The long-awaited summer with good weather and lots of sun is in full swing. 

Unfortunately, this is also associated with the annoying and really painful sunburn, which can occur very quickly, especially on the scalp and face.

Are you actually aware of how exactly a sunburn develops?

It is not only physically uncomfortable and painful, but also very harmful to your own health, because the affected areas of the skin can become inflamed and thus cause immediate cell damage. The skin cells then release various messenger substances such as histamine and serotonin, which cause the blood vessels to dilate and cause the well-known painful reddening.

You probably know the pain that a sunburn can cause and as a proud bald man I can tell you one thing: I don't want to feel a sunburn on my scalp again in this life.

So I asked myself the question:

How can you prevent sunburn and what needs to be considered?

Quite simply: you need the right sun protection.

By using sun protection correctly, you avoid the annoying sunburn that causes you a lot of pain and nerves.

Important: Make sure that the sun protection you use has a proven sun protection factor (e.g. SPF 30 or SPF 50), otherwise you cannot rely on the promised protection against UV radiation, as it is too weak to protect you from UVA - and protect against UVB rays.

The SPF on sunscreen products tells you how much longer you can stay in the sun without sunscreen without getting sunburned. This is precisely why you should make sure that you apply sunscreen regularly and several times during the day to ensure permanent protection against UV radiation and sunburn.

The right amount does it. When it comes to sun protection on the bald head and on the face, a fingertip the size of a cherry stone is not sufficient at all. You should use 1-3 finger lengths to reach the advertised SPF.

In addition, it is generally important not to stay in the blazing sun for too long, because sunburn can occur very quickly, especially on thin areas of skin.

Sunscreen for the scalp? Our matching product

Our Sun Of A Beach Sun Fluid with SPF 30 specially developed for scalp & face reliably protects your skin from harmful UV rays without leaving the typical sticky and greasy skin feeling of sun creams. It absorbs super quickly and is great for on the go in the compact tube, making it the perfect sun protection for hiking, the beach, sports and all outdoor activities that expose you to the sun.