Have you been a proud bald man for a long time? Or are you still hesitating about whether you should turn your back on the remaining hair on your head? Here are 5 interesting aspects that you should definitely know as a new or long-term bald man!

No. 1 Bald men look younger!

While your friends' hairs will gradually grow grey, your head will remain the same. Your bald head will confidently present your scalp, and excess white hair will not be a problem for you. When you meet your hairy friends after a while, you will appear almost unchanged compared to them. This does not mean that you will be asked for your ID the next time you go to a bar, but you will certainly receive many compliments on your continued youthfulness. However, to keep your scalp fresh and healthy, you should take care of it regularly and, above all, make sure you use UV protection

No. 2: Bald head: A sign of attractiveness and success

It's clear that it takes more than just swinging a razor to become the next Bruce Willis or Jeff Bezos. But scientist Albert E. Mannes, himself a bald man, found compelling evidence in a study in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania that a bald head is perceived very positively. In an experiment, 59 participants were photographed twice - once with a shaved head and once with their normal hair. Both pictures were shown to a large group of study participants. The results showed that bald men were:

  • Greater
  • Stronger
  • Dominant
  • More attractive

In contrast, the group that tried to conceal bald spots or receding hairlines with remaining hair was perceived as insecure and less attractive. So your baldness can be beneficial not only when choosing a partner, but also professionally. By shaving your head, you show that you make conscious decisions and stand by your natural appearance.

No. 3 Skin health and skin cancer risk in bald people

Bald men are more susceptible to skin cancer and accelerated skin aging. Although it is a serious issue, it needs to be addressed. But don't worry, by taking simple measures you can minimize the risk of premature skin aging and skin cancer.

  • Daily sun protection : Apply UV protection all year round. Our "BALD CREAM" specially developed for bald people has an SPF of 25 and is perfect for all year round. In summer or for longer outdoor activities we recommend an SPF of 50.
  • Hats: While a strong sunscreen will protect against sun damage, it won't provide all-day coverage, so always wear a hat that complements your style in the summer. In the fall, winter and spring, a beanie can keep you warm and complete your look.

To have a healthy and protected bald head, daily UV protection and appropriate headwear are crucial.

No. 4: Does a bald head suit me? (Head shape check)

A bald head looks particularly good on men with oval or round head shapes. These proportions go perfectly with a bald look. But even if your head shape is more egg-shaped or large, you don't have to hide. With a few tricks, you can rock a bald head even with these head shapes. For example, you can make your face wider or longer with a full beard. The combination of a bald head and a full beard has become a trend since the popular game "God of War".

No. 5: Care for your bald head: sun protection, bald cream and shampoo

Your bald head is more exposed to environmental influences than other parts of your skin. To avoid inflammation and ensure a well-groomed appearance, these steps are important:

  • Use a nourishing bald shampoo: Our pH-neutral and nourishing bald shampoo not only cleanses, but also frees the scalp of sebum, sweat, dead skin cells and dirt. A solid shampoo is particularly environmentally friendly.
  • Soothe after shaving : Use our Mattifying Baldness Cream (0-3mm) after shaving to soothe the skin and prevent skin irritation.
  • Scalp Moisturizer: Shaving and washing remove moisture. Applying our bald cream daily will keep your skin healthy and prevent a greasy appearance.
  • Daily sun protection: Protect your scalp from UVA and UVB rays every day to prevent premature skin aging and skin cancer. We have specially developed our BETTER BE BOLD Invisible Sun Fluid for this purpose.

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To BETTER BE BOLD bald care

With proper care and protection, your bald head will look and feel good.

I hope you have gained valuable information to help you make the most of your baldness. Remember: don't forget your sunscreen and hat!

See you next time!

Best regards,