We allow ourselves the fun and select the top 5 bald people within a certain category for you. First of all, let's take the German rappers to our chests - who looks best on the bald head and who might not like the bald head at all? Find out with us!

5th place | Kool Savas
Our 5th place is an absolute German rap legend: King Kool Savas. This example shows quite nicely how the shape of the body can influence the topic of baldness. In one picture a few kilos more on the ribs and already the bald head in a rather round face does not look as strong as in the second picture, in which the face of Kool Savas looks narrower and the bald head comes into its own.
4th place | AZAD
In 4th place we find his long-time partner Azad. Azad comes in a double pack with Kianush - so baldness seems to be a trend in the rap game. The bald head suits the Frankfurt rapper extremely well: A great head shape, a great full beard and his sturdy body flatter the bald head very much. So why only 4th place? The additional combination with his tattoos can scare our grandparents and children...
3rd place | Veysel
3rd place goes to Veysel: The bald head that has by far the most head nuts in 4 blocks. Veysel's bald head always looks well-groomed, just like his beard - a real work of art. But during an appearance on the red carpet, not only Veysel himself shone, but also his bald head. For this reason, we recommend Veysel to use our mattifying baldness cream before the next performance.
2nd place | Massive
Our 2nd place goes to Massiv - here in a George Clooney look with a suit and mottled gray beard. Extremely well-kept and a very coherent overall picture. An enormous development of the massif of that time, which started with 'When the moon crashes into my ghetto' into the German rap game.

1st place | Xatar
Now let's move on to our 1st place. Who else could it be but the Baba of all Babas Xatar? In one photo, he probably got sunburned while robbing gold, but in the other, he is wearing black sunglasses in a cool mafia look in the usual Xatar manner. For the next coup we recommend our Sun Fluid, then the sunburn is also history!
We also shot a very entertaining Youtube video on this topic. Feel free to drop by and give feedback in the comments.