If you look around the street and pay attention to it, you quickly notice: Most bald heads are shiny, usually very badly.

And most of us bald people (myself included) have heard it before: the typical annoying comments about shiny bald head like:

  • “Well, today yoz rubbed the bald head with a bacon rind?”
  • Wow, everything is reflected in your bald head”
  • “Oh look, Mister Clean is here”

But first of all the question is:

Why does a bald head shine so much?

Before I went bald myself, I thought for a long time that bald people consciously rub their heads with oil and deliberately create the look. There may be a few of these people, but when I was personally confronted with the topic and discussed it with other bald people, I quickly realized: Yes, bald heads shine and actually nobody likes it very much.

It has been proven that men's skin is more oily than women's skin - the shine on the scalp now comes from it. This has to do with the sebum production of the skin, and the head skin is very thin, which further enhances the appearance of the shine.

Of course there are different skin types and so it is very individual how strong the shine is.

In addition, there is the fact that many men use rich creams for care, which are often very greasy and accordingly increase the shine. 


How do I get a natural, matte look for my bald head?

Basically: What helps is regular washing with a mild washing gel or facial toner.

Also important: moisture is not fat. Taking good care of the scalp is very important as the bald head faces numerous adversities such as sun, cold & Co. is exposed and therefore dries out easily. Moisturizing care with a matt finish is therefore ideal.

And yes, you probably already guessed it, now comes surreptitious advertising: Our No Hair. Full Care. Bald Cream does exactly this job: Natural & high-quality ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil ensure the right care and provide moisture.

The desired natural matting is done by our BETTER BE BOLD MATTING COMPLEX made of natural pumpkin seed extract in the cream and gives you a great, matt look for your bald head. Have fun with it.