Going bald is a brave decision. Hair loss is a sensitive issue for us men, it is not for nothing that many strong men get into real inner conflicts.

The market is full of products with “hair growth promises”: caffeine shampoos, minoxidil preparations and the number of hair transplants and hairpieces has risen rapidly in recent years.

Why a bald head?

Wearing a bald head has style, the decision to go bald makes a clear statement and accordingly says a lot about you. It is not for nothing that studies prove that bald men are perceived positively.

It is not an easy step to go bald, but we say: BETTER BE BOLD.

The University of Pennsylvania has proven in a study:

  • Bald men appear more successful and more intelligent to other people.
  • Bald men appear an average of 2 cm taller than they are.
  • Bald men appear more masculine and dominant to other people.

The US scientist Albert E. Mannes - incidentally a bald person himself - tested in 2012 in three experiments with 59 test subjects how people react to men with shaved heads. To do this, the researcher showed the participants photos.

Each photo was shown to the participants twice, on which the depicted man could be seen with and without hair.

The subjects perceived the men to be on average more dominant, taller and stronger with a bald head. The women love it too.


Half bald? No, stop it!

Half baldness, on the other hand, was much less popular: the study also showed that men with thinning hair appear less attractive and more unmanly.

One more reason to be brave and dare to use the razor.

Seth Godin: „Bald men stand by what they have“

3 good reasons for baldness: The statement alone already reveals that the message behind it sends much deeper messages than just a cool look: it is by far not just about the visual appearance, it is a question of attitude.

But what exactly does that mean? The decision to go bald is proof that the man has made a decision and stands by what he has - that makes one attractive and is courageous.

Great personalities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis show how to do it and wear wear bald - if that's no motivation. It is definitely reason enough to think about it at least once - after all, around 80% of the male population suffer from hair loss.

Are bald people more potent?

The rumor circulates again and again that bald men are more potent - the reason for this is said to be the increased testosterone level, which causes the main hair to fall out more quickly.

At this point we have to disappoint you: unfortunately this rumor does not hold up.

But it doesn't matter: With so many positive findings, that's okay - otherwise it would be nicer than Christmas and Easter together.