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Which razor should it be for your bald head?

There are different razors for shaving your head and it all depends on what you like.

Safety razor

The good old traditional safety razor  our fathers and grandfathers already shaved themselves with this great tool.

Safety razors look more dangerous than they are, and with a little practice they work great. With the safety razor you can really celebrate your shave and bring that barbershop feeling into your bathroom. But it does take some practice, however, especially for your head. 


The old barber classic looks great and is the pure celebration of a shave. Make sure you plan some time for this type of shave.

However, shaving with the razor is more suitable for advanced and professional users, especially on the head  if you are attached to your life.

Electric razor / Headshaver

The electric razor or a headshaver are great when things need to be done quickly and also for those who want to leave some stubble standing. This type of shave is time-saving and efficient, great when things have to be done quick in the morning. A practical companion for the daily head shave.

So-called headshavers can now also be found on the market  Thanks to its practical ergonomics and 5 heads, it is perfectly suited for the head and ensures an absolutely thorough shave with no visible stubbles  my favorite in everyday life.

System razor / Leaf Razor

You can see it everywhere, everyone has used it before: Replaceable, movable shaving heads with 3 - 5 blades ensure a safe and thorough shave. System razors are perfect for beginners. Disadvantage: They are cheap to buy, but the system blades have a big impact: 2 - 3 € per blade are expensive.

The Leaf Razor is a wonderful alternative to conventional system razors  The Leaf Razor has all the advantages of the system razor, but with one big advantage: The razor enables the use of inexpensive double-edge razor blades (insider tip: Astra Superior green: € 8-10 per 100 pieces).

The Leaf Razor is expensive to buy at around € 100, but it pays off thanks to the inexpensive blades. A good investment.

Shaving cream? Shaving soap? Shaving gel?

The choice is huge.

Canned shaving foam is handy, no question about it. 

However, we recommend a good shaving cream or shaving soap for your perfect shaving experience. Opening it is a lot of fun, there are also great variants to choose from with high-quality ingredients, interesting smells and great sliding properties, which is a big plus for the skin.

Tips for the perfect shave preparation for your scalp

  1. Either shave after the shower or soak your hair with warm water — this allows the blade to glide more relaxed and smoothly later and you avoid unnecessary and unpleasant skin irritations.
  2. In order not to overlook any residual stubble, you have two options: Either you work with a small mirror or you use your fingers to scan the areas - if you can no longer feel any stubble, you've mastered it successfully!

The grand finale: the shave

  1. Foam
    Spread your shaving foam generously and evenly on your head and let it work for about 2 minutes - this makes your hair soft and lets the blades slide better.

  2. Shave
    In the first round, slide the razor slowly over your head in the direction of growth - you do not need to exert any pressure on the razor.
    If you like it really thoroughly now, you can do the same procedure again against the direction of growth of your hair.

  3. Fine work
    It can always happen that a few stubble can still be felt in individual places on the head, which needs to be repaired. Simply spread some of your shaving foam over the area and shave over the area again until it is smooth. Especially the places on the back of the head and behind the ears are particularly tricky and are often forgotten.

  4. Wash off
    Finally, rinse your bald head off with a little cold water - cold water after shaving has the advantage that it closes your pores and soothes your skin. Now just dab it with a towel (do not rub it) and et voila: you are freshly shaved! Yeah

Showdown or happy ending?

A little bit of advertising in our own right is granted to us: As the crowning glory of your head shave, there is of course only one choice: our BETTER BE BOLD No Hair. Full Care. Bald Cream.

For optimal care of your bald head, take a fingertip of our cream and massage it onto your skin and let it take effect. The shea butter and rich oils it contains ensure optimal care, the magnolia extract soothes your skin after the shave and the best thing for last: You get a nice mat look for your bald head  no more annoying shine.

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