Astra razor blades pack of 5 for safety razors

A splendid beard demands good shave
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Product highlights

Sharp, thorough and at the same time mild with shaving
Consider the sharpness for at least 3-5 shaves
Extremely popular razor blade in the shave scene
Compatible with every razor planer
Contents: 5 sound
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Made in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Astra Superior Platinum Razor blade for traditional razor planes, but also all other razors that are designed for Double Edge Razor blades.

The 50 razor blades are made of stainless steel (0.10 mm) with special cuts, tactile notes and platinum coated. They are individually packed in wax paper. The blades come from the packaging without any plastic and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

Astra Superior Platinum razor blades are gently to the skin and are characterized by their durability.

The razor blades of Astra are a solid precision tool from St. Petersburg in Russia. Made wafer -thin made of stainless steel, these sounds are extremely sharp and particularly durable. They fit in classic razor planes, but can also be used professionally in the Shavette. In this way, privateers like professional barbers are equally convinced of the high quality of these blade. The shave is particularly gentle, the skin is protected, the result is optimal.

Application and productivity

Grip on the side: Simply put in the razor planer and get started.


Pure steel;)

Uh! Sharp part!

For blade for the perfect classic shave

The Astra Klinge is tailored to our Better be bold razor plane And together they form the perfect team.

  • Optimal for shaving on the face or on the bald head
  • Easy to change and much cheaper than commercially available razor blades from the drugstore
  • No plastic

We care.