Safety razor SOLINGEN set (incl. FREE leather case & pack of 5 razor blades)

A magnificent beard & a well -groomed bald head for a good shave
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Product highlights

Handmade in Solingen.

Covered handle from a rotary in Solingen: Lies safely & firmly in the hand and does not slip

Closed comb For a mild and thorough Shave.

Is great in the hand: perfect for Baldness & face.

including free premium leather etui for storage and for travel.

including 5 pack Astra razor blades

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The Better Be Bold Razor Hobel Solingen fulfills all the criteria that men love: precision, fit and ergonomics - for one Thorough and especially gentle shave.

  • With the help of a single razor blade, a razor planer enables you to shave as thoroughly and safe
  • All Standard Double Edge (DE) fit into this fine copy from Solingen
  • These blades are bordered in a screw cap, the change of blade is therefore easy to change from hand
  • Its head is made of high quality zinc die cast
  • Its handle made of shapely stainless steel also optically looks like a haptic
  • With a handle length of 90mm (medium), this planer is also very good in your hand
  • A total weight of 80g also ensures an optimal balance

Made by hand and polished in one small factory in the Klingenstadt Solingen - the Mecca of the razor plane and razor

The razor planer with closed comb and corrugated stainless steel handle is a timeless classic and is equally suitable For beginners and experienced wet razors.

Its handle offers a secure hold and also enables Precise shaving of contours, which leads to very good results depending on the beard type.

With a little practice, astonishing results are achieved, which makes the better be bold razor plane a welcome companion in the world of wet shaving.

Suitable for the face and after countless tests also ideal for shaving the bald head.

The surface of the razor plane is corrosion -resistant, extremely durable and gives it a valuable and seductive shine with matt and polished surfaces at the same time. 

The Better Be Bold Razor Hobel is equipped with common Double Edge razor blades. With us in the shop we offer the Astra razor blades - the perfect choice, we find - these sound very well harmonize with the razor.


Grip on the side: Simply put in the razor planer and get started.

To be able to use the razor blades, simply turn the handle, pull off the upper head plate as soon as the handle is off and put the razor blade on the base. Then put on the upper head plate and screw the handle on. It's that easy.


Pure steel;)

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We care.

God Shave the Queen.

3 tips for shaving with our razor planer

Here shows Our founder Dennis our mild Razor plane Solingen once in the application on the neck and gives 3 useful tips:

It lies extremely well in the hand, is absolutely non -slip due to the corrugated handle.

It takes a little practice at first but our razor is very good Suitable for beginners & newcomers.