Solid Bald Head & Body Wash Bar 100g for body, beard & bald head

Solid shower care for body, bald head & beard with great foaming properties.

Nourishing and refreshing: organic coconut oil And glycerin ensure the necessary moisture and care on the head & body during the refreshing fragrance ensures a mega shower experience.

Active sole for mild deep cleaning: Minimizes pimples and blemishes and regulates sebum production.

No soap! Tailored to the PH value of your skin of 5.1 and protects the natural skin protection jacket.

Only 0.19€ for a nourishing shower experience ! 👨‍🦲 (lasts for 105 applications)

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🚿  Gentle & pH-neutral cleansing for body & scalp  with the mildest surfactants

🕙 Lasts as long as 3-4 shower gels and is very economical and efficient

👨‍🦲  At the same time nourishes the skin  with ORGANIC coconut oil & glycerin

🌿  Activated carbon provides a mild, deep cleansing of the skin, thereby minimizing pimples and blemishes

🌱  Vegan &   our ingredients are of natural origin according to ISO standard 16128.

🇩🇪  Handmade in Germany.

🍋 Our popular scent  with a fresh, aquatic note


For a bright bald head and an all -round great shower experience - fixed bald shower 110g

Our solid bald shower | Solid soon Head & Body Wash Bar 110G is the absolute must for everyone who wants the best for their bald head and body.
With carefully selected, natural ingredients, a pH balanced formula and a beautiful foam, this high-quality fixed wash is the star in your care routine.

Why you will love our solid bald shower:

Gentle cleaning:
Our solid bald shower cleans gently but efficiently without drying out your skin. The result: a refreshing and well -groomed bald head and a smooth body.
For bald head, body, beard and eggs.

Nourishing and refreshing:
Organic coconut oil and glycerin ensure the necessary moisture and care on the head and body during the refreshing fragrance for a mega shower experience.

Provision & sustainability:
A bald shower = 3-4 shower gels (no plastic, no waste of water)

Activated carbon for mild deep cleaning:
Activated carbon ensures a pore -deep cleaning, minimizes pimples and blemishes and regulates talk production.
With this, your skin remains radiant and well -kept

PH-Balanced (no soap)
With a pH value of 5.1, our bald shower is tailored to the natural pH value of your skin.
This protects your natural skin protection jacket and gives your skin a smooth feeling (no blunt feeling like a soap)

Fresh smell
The pleasant fresh fragrance with a light citrus note ensures a good mood in the shower and gives you plus points when cuddling.

Of course and environmentally friendly:
Our solid bald shower is not only good for you, but also for the environment. It saves plastic bottles and helps to protect our environment.

- handmade in Germany
- vegan & natural according to ISO standard 16128


How to use our bald bar shower:

Grate the wash directly onto the wet skin or between your hands to create foam.
Massage the foam to your bald head and your body (bearing and eggs go too)
Rinse with warm water to remove remnants.
Pat dry with a towel.


Sodium Cocyl Isethionate, Zea Mays Starch, Aqua, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Glycerin, perfume, Charcoal Powder, Guar
Hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, lime, linalool, illite, alpha-isomethyl ionone, benzyl salicylate

*All ingredients are vegan.

* Ingredients of natural origin according to ISO standard 16128

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By a bald head for bald heads.

Hey! I'm Dennis, the founder of BETTER BE BOLD.

In 2016, I noticed for the first time that I was losing my hair . Four emotional years full of uncertainty passed until I decided in March 2021 " I'm going to shave my head ". That was a brave decision and an extremely liberating feeling for me.

This was the birth of BETTER BE BOLD and our special care products for bald heads.

We care.


Handmade in Germany.

All of our products are made with love in Germany. This means we can always guarantee the best quality for you. In the video we give you an open insight into the production of our bestseller, the bald cream. 🌱