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No more Bloody soon heads.
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Product highlights

Skin -friendly hemostasis: stops cutting injuries and skin irritation after shaving.
Antiseptic & antibacterial: prevents infections and inflammation after shaving.
Soothing & protective effect: enables a pleasant shave without the annoying burning or itching.

Excellent for sensitive skin types: no harmful chemicals, but pure & natural aluminerals.

Excellent quality & extremely productive: manufactured in France and manufactured according to the highest standards.
Of course & vegan: Our ingredients are 100% natural cosmetics compliant.
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Product description

Never again a bloody bald head.

Because the straps of a bald head are particularly common of shaving injuries due to the sensitive and thin scalp
and irritation affected.

Our bloodstill for bald wearers is a real miracle weapon and problem solver for bald wearers.

- Stop the bleeding Immediately after cutting with shaving.
- Soothes the scalp And prevents the razor burn and skin irritation.
- Antiseptic and antibacterial.
- 100% natural
According to ISO standard 16128.
- Can also be as natural deodorant can be used against sweating.

Highest purity of the alum stone, handmade in France.

The extremely high quality cannot only be recognized by the crystall -like structure of the stone And on the fascinating flashing and flashing,
but also in the Skin -friendly application.

Application and productivity

Fast application: The use of the Blood stopper is very easy. After the shave, you simply moisten it with water and gently apply it to the shaved areas. The blood flow is stopped in seconds.


Potassium alum

Known from

No more Bloody soon heads.

Stop cuts and skin irritation after shaving.

✓ The regular shaving leads in most cases to Cuts and Haut irritations such as razor burn.

✓ The Antiseptic & antibacterial Effect of Alum prevented Infections and inflammation after shave.

✓ The Skin -like & protective effect enables a pleasant shave without annoying burning or itch.

Bleeding after shave become frequently unreliable & time -consuming with toilet paper treated.

✓ The natural aluminerals close the wound immediately and stopped so reliable & simple the Bleeding.

Natural ingredients for the most sensitive skin.

Excellent quality & productivity from France.

✓ Many of the on the market available Alum come with low quality out of China.

✓ Our Alum comes from a Manufactory in France And becomes after the highest standards manufactured.

✓ Through the high quality is the Blood stopper extreme durable, productive and hard to break (In the case of falls).

Terrific for Sensitive skin types Suitable: none harmful chemicals, but exclusively Pure & natural aluminerals.

Very few know that

Bye sweat spots: perfect as a deodorant.

Our alaunstein not only stops perfect bleeding if you have cut yourself when shaving, but is also a Optimal sweat stopper:

  • You no longer smell uncomfortable, because the bacteria are killed by the minerals of the stone.

  • Our alaunstein is 100% natural and has one Antibacterial and anti -welding effect.

  • Closes the pores and can help contrasting pimples

And that tells you:

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I have been chasing Bold for a very long time and can call myself a regular customer without lying. Here I feel understood as a chatter! Finally there are custom -made products for us.

Big praise to the helpful and likeable boys behind the fire!
— Felix, hobby photographer with bald head
Customer reviews
Better Be Bold is now an integral part of my day. The bald care products should no longer be missing in my routine. I love this fire and that you take care of the needs of us. ❤️
— Daniel, combines bald head with mustache
Customer reviews
Better Be Bold Bold Care offers me what other products cannot do. Premium care and also in a really great design. Makes yourself great in my bathroom. I am a big fan!
— Olaf, gentlemen with bald
Zero Hair Needs Hero Care.

Your care routine as a bald bracket.

A good routine is the A&O and it is the same with care. With our products you experience the optimal care routine for you & your bald head.

We care.