blackbeards beard oil tonka vanilla 30ml

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Product highlights

Fragrant beard oil with the highest quality oils for excellent beard care

Makes your beard smooth and soft

Reduces itching and dandruff and cares for the skin under the beard .

Tonka Vanilla: Its complex fragrance composition of bergamot, rosemary, tonka bean and vanilla is seductively good

Handmade in the Ruhr area.

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Product description

Beard oil Tonka Vanilla 30ml from blackbeards.

  • Fragrant beard oil
  • Makes your beard smooth
  • Reduces itching and dandruff
  • Cares for the skin under the beard

Our beloved blackbeards beard oil Tonka Vanilla . How does the following sound to you: Sweet vanilla, surrounded by bitter tonka bean, crowned with a fresh hint of bergamot. A scent carried by noble dignity and simple grace, accompanied by thousands upon thousands of fanfares that shine with joy and refreshment, competing with the sun's rays. In our opinion, simply a very fine beard oil, full of charisma and grandeur.

  • Beard oil nourishes your beard hair as well as the facial skin underneath, softens your beard, lets it shine in all its glory and gives it a beguiling scent
  • More than five valuable components, including alcohol, argan oil, bergamot peel oil, jojoba oil and passion fruit oil, serve the excellent care in the Tonka Vanilla Beard Oil 30ml
  • Its complex fragrance composition of bergamot, rosemary, tonka bean and vanilla is seductively good
  • We describe the fragrance as follows: tart, sweet, spicy and citrus at the same time, an exciting fragrance for your fine nose
Application and yield

Using the Tonka Vanilla Beard Oil 30ml is very easy and will be a pleasure for you.

We like to call beard oil liquid gold, as it is simply very useful for caring for your beard and has many positive properties. How much beard oil you need depends entirely on the length and thickness of your beard. Even the smallest amounts are highly effective, so two to three drops are enough to care for a three-day beard, while for a full beard you can work your way up to around five to ten drops. It is better to start with a slightly lower dose, as each beard hair should only be lightly moistened and you certainly want to avoid a greasy shine, and then slowly work your way up to the optimal dosage for you. Simply drip the appropriate amount into your palms and rub the beard oil a little between your fingers and hands. You can then massage it into your entire beard with due care.


Simmondsia Chinensis Oil, Passiflora Edulis Oil, Argania Spinosa Oil, Alcohol (and) Vanilla Planifolia (and) Dipteryx Odorata (and) Citrus Bergamia Peel Oil Expressed, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (and) Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, Limonene, Linalool, Citral

Known from

We care.

And this is what she says:

Be careful! Take care of your beard.

Oh, a fine drop! Blackbeards beard oil is here!

Rich oils, a silly smell that makes you addicted combined with an outrageously good care performance only allow one conclusion:

You should definitely use blackbeards beard oil on your beard.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I have been following BETTER BE BOLD for a long time and can honestly say that I am a regular customer. I feel understood here as a bald man! Finally, there are tailor-made products for us. Big praise to the helpful and friendly guys behind the brand!
— Felix, amateur photographer with bald head
Customer reviews
BETTER BE BOLD has now become an integral part of my day. The bald care products are a must in my routine. I love this brand and the fact that they specifically cater to the needs of us bald men. ❤️
— Daniel, combines bald head with moustache
Customer reviews
The BETTER BE BOLD bald care offers me what other products can't. Premium care and in a really great design. Looks great in my bathroom. I'm a huge fan!
— Olaf, bald gentlemen

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