Although it may seem otherwise at first glance, the scalp is very special by its nature and therefore requires special care.
Normally, hair offers us protection all over the body. This protection falls away with a bald head accordingly, which is why we must counteract with special care. How the care succeeds best we explain to you in the following three steps:

1. clean your scalp.

In the beginning, you should make sure to clean your scalp regularly. For example, a mild shampoo or a mild wash gel can help you. By shaving your skin is always a little irritated. For the head only the best: To prevent bumps it helps to wash off your head with cold water, so that the pores close.

2. Moisturize your scalp

The scalp is extremely thin and therefore a sensitive skin area, which dries out faster than other skin areas and thus requires special care. To optimally care for your scalp and provide it with sufficient moisture, a suitable care cream will help you.
Why? With daily care you strengthen the resistance of your skin and your natural protective function of the scalp is maintained. Our motto: baldness good, all good :)

Our BETTER BE BOLD No Hair. Full Care. Bald Cream is the perfect choice here:
It can be used daily and achieves moisturizing care through shea butter and jojoba oil. Furthermore, it contains a soothing and protective effect thanks to magnolia extract and hemp oil, and counteracts bumps and shaving pimples - so it's an all-rounder for baldness.
And as if that were not enough: it is suitable for all skin types.

We place particular emphasis on natural ingredients to preventively address the sensitive nature of the scalp. Your scalp will thank you for your regular care.

3. Protect your scalp from cold & sun.

The scalp of a bald person is very sensitive and exposed to many adversities, such as cold & wind, but also UV rays.

Make sure to wear a head covering in winter, because much of the body heat is lost through the head. Headgear made of pure cotton is best, so that the head stays nice and warm.
In summer, you also need UV protection, because topless, your scalp is not safe from sunburn and it can be quite painful.

We recommend a designated SPF of at least 30, and make sure you use a certified sunscreen, because that's the only way you'll be able to withstand the risks of sun exposure.

And remember: even bald heads need love.