Concealing light spots

Professional hair pigmentation is a long-lasting and the most effective way to give a unique look to a full bald head, as it creates the impression of short shaved hair.

A very good address for hair pigmentation is our partner Modern Hairloss Solution.

What do I need to consider during hair pigmentation treatment?

Even though the procedure by a professional hair pigmenter is considered safe and gentle, the scalp will be red and sensitive for 1-2 days immediately after the treatment.

Within the first three days you should avoid strong sunlight, water contact, shower gel and shampoo and treat your head only with a nice skin care. In addition, you should avoid heavy sweating (e.g. through sauna sessions, sports or eating extremely spicy food). In this way, the skin will not be unnecessarily irritated and the pigments will be completely preserved.

Care for the bald head after hair pigmentation

The care after the treatment is very important, because here applies: What is good for your skin is always good for your pigmentation.

  • A good care of your scalp ensures that your bald head is always sufficiently supplied with moisture. This prevents dry skin and is also good for the longevity of your pigments.
  • Also, always protect your bald head against dangerous UV rays. Make sure to use a high-quality sunscreen: If possible, we always recommend mineral UV filters with a proven UV protection of at least 30.

Our suitable product for care

Our No Hair. Full Care. Bald cream for a natural & optimal care of your bald head.

Our bald cream was specially developed for the needs of sensitive scalp and is therefore the optimal care for your bald head:

Moisturizing care of the scalp with shea butter and jojoba oil
Soothing and protective effect thanks to magnolia extract and hemp oil. Perfect after shaving.
Natural anti-shine effect thanks to the BETTER BE BOLD MATTING COMPLEX and absorbs extremely quickly.

We use only natural and vegan ingredients and place a high value on our environment with our high quality & at the same time sustainable packaging.

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