Nourishing bald head shampoo (0-6mm) | No Hair Shampoo

Product highlights

Effective cleaning without drying out the scalp With the mildest surfactants. Natural almond oil Add the scalp with moisture.

Helps with cuts or razor fire: Promotes wound healing and has a regenerative effect through hyaluron.

Protects the skin barrier & tailored to the pH of the sensitive scalp: 4,8-5,5.

High quality aloe vera effectively acts on the scalp.

Of course & vegan: Our ingredients are 97% natural cosmetics compliant. Made in Germany.

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Product description

Bald good - everything is fine!

Finally a happy ending for bald wearers in the shower.
Perfect for a length between 0-6mm.

Our No Hair Shampoo, which is specially adapted to the needs of bald carriers, can do this where no shower gel in the world can keep up.

That's why we have that Better Be bold wonders of bald shampoo | No hair shampoo developed:

- Effective cleaning Without drying out the scalp with the mildest surfactants
- Promotes wound healing (e.g. in the case of cuts or razor burn) and has a regenerative effect through hyaluron
- Natural almond oil the scalp also supplies with moisture
- High quality aloe vera has a calming effect on the scalp
- The contained Oat protein supplies the bald head with all the important sewing substances and contributes to a well -groomed complexion
- Optimal skin tolerance & Protection of the natural skin protection mantle through a PH value of 4.8-5.3 (corresponds to the pH of the skin)

Our special combination of particularly mild surfactants and moisturizer ingredients ensures better matting of the bald head because sebum production is optimally regulated.

Tip from Better Be Bold Team:
Our No hair shampoo Also works great as a mild washing gel for the face.
For cleaning in the shower, before and after shaving and super in combination with our bald cream.

The popular Bold fragrance with its fresh and slightly citric note is now conjuring up a smile in your face in the shower

Bold Quality:

- Of course & vegan (97% natural ingredients according to ISO standard 16128)
- no microplasty
- Made in Germany

Application and productivity

How to Clean Your Scalp:

Distribute the bald shampoo in your hands and massage it evenly into your moistened scalp. To act 45-60 seconds for the optimal effect of the ingredients. Then rinse with plenty of water. 2-3 pump bumps are sufficient. #Bold quality


Aqua, sodium coco-sulfate, sodium chloride, decyl glucoside, citric, acid, benzyl alcohol, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, parfum, glyceryl ole, coco-glucoside, potassium sorbate, dehydroecetic acid, aloe barbadensis leef juice powder, linalool, linalool, linalool Lime , Disodium cocyl, glutamate, menthyl lactate, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, sodium, cocyl glutamate, glycerin, hydrolyzed oat protein, hydrolyzed, glycosaminoglycans, sodium hyaluronates, toocopherol, hydrogenated vegetable glycerides citrate


Die Kopfhaut gehört mit über 2.500 Rezeptoren zu den sensibelsten Stellen des gesamten Körpers. Gönn' Dir die perfekte Pflege-Routine für Deine Glatze und trage Deine Glatze mit Stolz.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I have been chasing Bold for a very long time and can call myself a regular customer without lying. Here I feel understood as a chatter! Finally there are custom -made products for us.

Big praise to the helpful and likeable boys behind the fire!
— Felix, hobby photographer with bald head
Customer reviews
Better Be Bold is now an integral part of my day. The bald care products should no longer be missing in my routine. I love this fire and that you take care of the needs of us. ❤️
— Daniel, combines bald head with mustache
Customer reviews
Better Be Bold Bold Care offers me what other products cannot do. Premium care and also in a really great design. Makes yourself great in my bathroom. I am a big fan!
— Olaf, gentlemen with bald

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Vom Glatzenträger für Glatzenträger.

Hey! Ich bin Dennis, der Gründer von BETTER BE BOLD.

2016 bemerkte ich zum ersten Mal, dass ich meine Haare verliere. Es vergangen 4 emotionale Jahre voller Unsicherheit bis ich im März 2021 entschied "Ich rasiere mir eine Glatze". Das war eine mutige Entscheidung und ein extrem befreiendes Gefühl für mich.

Das war die Geburtsstunde von BETTER BE BOLD und unseren speziellen Pflegeprodukten für die Glatze.


Handgemacht in Deutschland.

Alle unsere Produkte werden mit viel Liebe in Deutschland hergestellt. So können wir stets die beste Qualität für Dich garantieren. Im Video geben wir Dir ganz offen Einblicke in die Produktion unseres Bestsellers, das Glatzenshampoo