For us and our environment

Sustainability is Bold

Sustainability is very important to us.

Sustainable & design icon

Our packaging is made of glass and recycled pet

Our environment is very important to us and at the same time we want products with high -quality and beautiful designs. No contradiction: We only use sustainable materials made of glass and recycled PET for our packaging. With our folding boxes, we also make sure that it is recycled paper.

Naturalness meets innovation

Natural & vegan ingredients

Whether hops from the region or rich hemp oil: With our products, we always make sure that we only use natural ingredients from renewable raw materials. Our ingredients are all vegan. We do without everything that is harmful: microplastics, parabens, mineral oils.

Only the best for you.

Made in the Sauerland

100% made in Germany

When choosing our partners, we pay particular attention to one thing: the highest quality and good cooperation at eye level.

We move into all of our products in Germany.

We manufacture our cosmetic products in southern Germany, our printed products come directly from Lake Constance and in logistics we work with a young start-up from near Aachen.

Our promise.

Be the person you want to be.


Better Be Bold stands for more than natural and sustainable men's care products.

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