The perfect 2-in-1 product for any man who has a face (and luckily most do).

A face needs only one product: Is that possible? Yes, it is possible!

In our Best Face Scenario, we combine these two worlds, because in addition to a mild after shave balm that is compatible with all skin types, our cream is a full face care. And the beauty is: It contains such mild ingredients that it is super tolerated even by very sensitive skin types.

Jojoba oil and almond oil are the caring basis of the product. They provide the skin with valuable moisture, while the almond oil promotes cell regeneration and protects the skin from environmental influences. The jojoba oil is very nourishing and is absorbed immediately, acts against dandruff and itching and contains important vitamins.

The contained magnolia extract soothes the skin after shaving, unfolds its anti-inflammatory effect and prevents skin irritation, razor burn as well as shaving pimples.

Hops! Yes, that's right: not only in beer, but also in our cream, the hop extract works wonders, because it has a skin-soothing effect - perfect for an after shave balm.

Wrinkles? No thanks. The hyaluron contained prevents the formation of wrinkles and rounds off the Best Face Scenario to an all-round perfect product for the entire face.

If it were not for the unique BETTER BE BOLD fragrance: our pleasant fragrance with a slight citrus note provides great pleasure in use at any time and is very popular.

Specially designed for the needs of men's skin after shaving & for the face:
High care performance, extremely fast absorption and prevention of shaving pimples or skin irritation after shaving. Suitable for all skin types and leaves a velvety feeling on the skin.