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B2B download center

Here you can find all data & information about the brand & our products

Product photos, videos & logos

Here you can find:

  • Professional product photos for your web shop
  • Product videos in the highest resolution
  • Our brand logos

(Technical) product data

Here you will find all information about the products such as:

  • Article data such as EAN, article number, customs tariff number & Co.
  • Technical data such as weights of all products etc.
  • Incis
  • Recommendation for product categories in your online shop

Product descriptions & application information

Here you can find the following information about the products for info & care in your online shop (German & English)

  • Product texts for product pages (SEO-optimized)
  • Application notes
  • Recommendation for product categories in your online shop

Each SKU has its own rider.

Dealer price list B2B & presentation

Here you will find the price list for B2B.

  • Presentation about Better Be Bold as PDF in German & English
  • Free house delivery in Germany from € 150, in Europe from 200-250 € depending on the country
POS material for our offline partners

Do you have a store, barbershop/salon or a cosmetic studio etc.?

Here you will find valuable material such as

  • Placement recommendations for optimal sales
  • Training material including sales arguments
  • POS displayer DIN A4 to print out

Social media content (photos & videos) for download

Here you will find great photo and video material for posting for:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tiktok
  • Whatsapp

Better Be Bold: Brand videos

Here you will find our videos:

  • Brand Video Better Be Bold (German)
  • Better Be Bold in the WDR (German)
  • Better Be Bold Pitch (English)