Sun Of A Beach. Sun Fluid SPF30 for scalp and face 50ml

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Das erste Sonnenfluid für Glatze & Gesicht

Hoher Sonnenschutz mit LSF 30 mit UVA- und UVB-Filtern.
Wasserfest und zieht schnell ein.
Kein Kleben. Kein Fetten.
Leichte Textur für einen schönen Anti-Shine-Effekt.
Pflegende Eigenschaften durch Panthenol und Niacinamide.
Korallenfreundlich, parfümfrei und vegan. Wir achten auf unsere Umwelt.
Sonnenfluid LSF30 für Glatze & Gesicht
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Known from

#safetyFirst & #stayBOLD

Specially developed
for scalp and face

Ordinary sunscreens are usually oil-based, which causes it to clog pores and leave a strong, greasy feeling on the skin. We like it matte!

We have developed our Sun Fluid especially for the needs of sensitive head and face skin.

Specifically, this means fast absorption, no stickiness and no greasy feeling after application. And ingredients that care.

Our goal: The first sun fluid you will love to use!

Don't give sunburn a chance.

High protection for your best piece

This is our sun fluid

High sun protection with SPF 30 with UVA and UVB filters.
Waterproof and absorbs quickly.
No sticking. No grease.
Light texture for a beautiful anti-shine effect.
Nourishing properties due to panthenol and niacinamide.
Fragrance free and vegan.
High protection thanks to UVA and UVB filters

Better be protected.

Square, practical, good? Well, our Sun Fluid is not square, but its compact dimensions make it extremely practical: It fits in any pocket and its 50ml travel size makes it perfect for traveling and on the go.

Good? Oh yes and how! We want sun care to be fun: because especially on the scalp, the risk of sunburn and skin cancer is many times higher. Sticky, oily and greasy sun products are gladly avoided, we had to change that.

Safety first and off into the sun.

How to protect your bald head

So benutzt du unser Sonnenfluid.

Trage das Sonnenfluid vor dem Sonnen großzügig auf der Kopfhaut und im Gesicht auf. Vermeide dabei die intensive Mittagssonne.

Um den Schutz aufrecht zu erhalten, solltest Du das Sonnenfluid mehrfach auftragen, insbesondere nach dem Aufenthalt im Wasser.

Geringe Auftragsmengen reduzieren die Schutzleistung. Auch Sonnenschutzmittel mit hohen Lichtschutzfaktoren bieten keinen vollständigen Schutz vor UV-Strahlen.

Baldness good, all good.

A perfect team: care & sun protection for the bald head.

Our Sun of a Beach Sun Fluid is the perfect addition to your daily baldness care routine with the No Hair. Full Care. Bald Cream. Discover our set for bald wearers with UV protection.

Not all that glitters is gold.

The bald head and its challenges.

The scalp has 2,500 receptors, is extremely thin and is therefore one of the most sensitive parts of the entire body.
The risk of Sunburn & Skin Cancer is many times higher than in other skin areas.
The bald head tends towards one greasy film due to the increased sebum production of the scalp.
Razor burn, skin irritation & dry patches are almost always the result of improper care.
Sustainability is bold.

We care.

Coral friendly.
We take care of our environment.
No microplastics.
We renounce everything that is harmful.
Made in Germany.
As regional as possible.
Only the best for you.
No lazy compromises. Quality first.

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