Gift box Full House (bald cream, 2-in-1 after shave balm, sun fluid)

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Was enthält die Box?

Die No Hair. Full Care. Glatzencreme. Die Creme, die Glatzenträger glücklich macht
Das Best Face Scenario. 2-in-1 After Shave Balm & Face Care. 1 Gesicht = 1 Produkt
Das Sun of a Beach. Das Sun Fluid für Glatze & Gesicht mit LSF 30
Premium-Geschenkbox in Matt-schwarz und eingraviertem BETTER BE BOLD-Logo
Karte mit Platz für persönliche Worte für den glücklichen Glatzenträger
Gratis-Versand in Deutschland und Europa
Anwendung und Ergiebigkeit
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Happy bald heads

The perfect gift set for the care & protection of the bald head (+ face)

The one included in the box bald cream ensures with its high-quality ingredients for a high care of the scalp with shea butter and jojoba oil. through the calming effect the scalp, the balding cream is also perfect after shaving and contains a Anti-Shine-Effect against unwanted shine.

Our Best Face Scenario in the box: Our 2-in-1 product combines an aftershave balm with high-quality face care. High-quality ingredients such as almond oils provide rich care and the magnolia extract calms the skin after shaving.

Besides, ours Sun Fluid for bald head & face in the box: It absorbs extremely quickly. No sticking, fine greasing and with SPF 30 provides optimal protection against UV radiation.
It is vegan, waterproof and fragrance-free and also ensures a good complexion with its nourishing properties.

How our bald cream works

The cream,
that makes bald
people happy.

Moisturizing care with shea butter and jojoba oil. Soaks in very quickly.
Soothing and protective effect for the scalp. Perfect as an aftershave.
Specially developed matting complex for a natural anti-shine effect.
Ingredients 99% of natural origin according to ISO 16128.
Masculine fresh scent. you will love him
This is our best face scenario

We make it easy for men: 1 face = 1 product.

Almond oil & jojoba oil for moisturizing care for all skin types.
Magnolia & rosemary extract soothe the skin after shaving.
Anti-aging with hyaluronic acid: Keeps the skin firm and prevents skin aging.
99% natural ingredients according to ISO standard 16128.
High-quality glass pump bottle in matt green - a real eye-catcher in your bathroom.
Hoher Schutz für dein bestes Stück

Our sun fluid can do that.

High sun protection with SPF 30 with UVA and UVB filters.
Waterproof and absorbs quickly.
No sticking. No fat.
Light texture for a nice anti-shine effect.
Nurturing properties through panthenol and niacinamide.
Perfume-free and vegan.
Not all that glitters is gold.

The bald head and its challenges.

The scalp has 2,500 receptors, is extremely thin and is therefore one of the most sensitive parts of the entire body.
The risk of Sunburn & Skin Cancer is many times higher than in other skin areas.
The bald head tends towards one greasy movie due to the increased sebum production of the scalp.
Razor burn, skin irritation & dry patches are almost always the result of improper care.
How to care no hair

How to use our bald cream.

How to care no hair:

Daily, ideally after showering or after washing your bald head. Take a fingertip (about the size of a cherry stone) of the cream, rub it in your hands and massage the cream into your bald head. The cream absorbs very quickly. Our cream lasts about 60 days with daily use. Thanks to its compact size and 50ml content, the jar is ideal for taking with you when travelling.

Sustainability is bold.

We care.

Natural & vegan.
Our ingredients are 99% of natural origin according to ISO 16128.
No microplastics.
We renounce everything that is harmful.
Glass & Recycled PET.
Sustainably packaged.
Made in Germany.
As regional as possible.
Only the best for you.
No bad compromises. Quality first.
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