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Best Face Scenario. After Shave & Face Balm

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2 in 1: After Shave Balm und Gesichtspflege in einer Creme

Feuchtigkeitsspendende Pflege für jeden Hauttyp durch Mandelöl. Zieht sehr schnell ein.
Anti-Aging: Hält die Haut straff und beugt Hautalterung vor dank Q10 & Hyaluron.
Beruhigend & schützend nach der Rasur zum Schutz vor Rötungen und Rasierpickel.
Unsere Inhaltsstoffe sind zu 99% natürlichen Ursprungs gemäß ISO 16128.
Hochwertige Pumpflasche aus Glas in mattem Grün – ein echter Hingucker in Deinem Badezimmer.
Application and yield
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Grooming Hightlight March 2022

Known from Playboy.

Playboy included our Best Face Scenario in its “Grooming Top 5 in March”.

Here you can read how well our After Shave & Face Balm performs:

Happy ending after shaving and every day.


The idea behind our Best Face Scenario is simple:
1 face = 1 product.

How it works?

Take the skin-soothing properties of an after shave balm and combine them with the nourishing ingredients of a face cream that protect against skin aging. And the Best Face Scenario is done.

We have developed the product for a long time, only use the highest quality ingredients and are very proud of the end product:

The best and only product that you as a man need for grooming and after shaving.

Also suitable for particularly sensitive skin.

This is what makes our Best Face Scenario so special.

Mandelöl in Flasche

Almond oil - moisturizing & nourishing

Rich oils such as almond oil, which care for the facial skin, moisturize it and give it a soft, comfortable feeling. Our face cream is suitable for all skin types.


Keeps the skin young.

External influences such as sun exposure, air pollution or stress cause the skin to age faster. valuable Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin firm and helps to protect your skin against premature aging.


Magnolia Extract - soothing & protective

Regular shaving quickly irritates facial skin, which is why we use Magnolia extract in the cream: the high-quality magnolia extract soothes the skin, prevents skin irritation and has an anti-inflammatory effect - perfect after shaving.

Recycelt und nachhaltig

Recycled materials - for us and for you

Instead of plastic containers, we use one for our balm high-quality glass pump bottle in matt green. The pump bottles are labeled using a complex screen printing process - so we also do without labels and only use sustainable materials.

How to use our cream

Gesichtscreme bei der Benutzung


Apply to the skin every morning and evening after cleansing the face.

Apply to the shaved areas as an after shave balm immediately after shaving.

Thanks to the high yield, 1-2 pump strokes are sufficient. #BOLDquality

Für alle Hauttypen geeignet

Suitable for which skin type?

Our Best Face Scenario is suitable for all skin types:

· Sensitive skin
· Oily skin
· Combination skin
· Normal skin
· Mature skin
· Dry skin
· Blemished skin

Mitgründer Roberto Bianco beim benutzen des Best Face Scenarios

Applicable for which areas?

· Face
· Neck area

Sustainability is bold.

We care.

Natural & Vegan.
We take care of our environment.
No microplastics.
We do without anything that is harmful.
Glas & gerecycleerd PET.
Sustainably packaged.
Made in Germany
As regional as possible.
Only the best for you.
No lazy compromises. Quality first.
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