No Hair. Full Care. Bald Cream

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100% natürliche Pflege & Anti-Shine-Effekt für Deine Glatze

Feuchtigkeitsspendende Pflege durch Sheabutter und Jojobaöl.
Beruhigende und schützende Wirkung dank Magnolienextrakt und Hanföl.
Eigens entwickelter Mattierungskomplex für einen natürlichen Anti-Shine-Effekt.
Hochwertiger, recycelter Grünglastiegel – ein echter Hingucker in Deinem Badezimmer.
Anwendung und Ergiebigkeit
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How our bald cream works

The cream,
that makes bald people

The bald people among us know it well: The scalp is exposed to special adversities such as cold & sun and therefore needs special care because of its special properties.

Not all that glitters is gold.

Why baldness needs special care?

The scalp is more sensitive than other parts of the skin and dries out quickly.
Regular shaving irritates and stresses the scalp.
The high sebum production of the scalp often leads to unwanted shine.

This is what makes our bald cream so special.

Moisturizing care.

Shea butter and rich oils such as jojoba oil provide special care, which nourishes and moisturizes the scalp and gives a soft, pleasant feeling. Our bald cream is suitable for all skin types.

Soothing & protective.

Regular shaving quickly irritates the scalp, which is why we use magnolia extract in the cream: The high-quality magnolia extract soothes the skin, prevents skin irritation and has an anti-inflammatory effect - perfect after shaving.

Matt & Silky.

For a natural anti-shine look of your bald head, we have developed BETTER BE BOLD mattifying complex from natural pumpkin seed extract. It gives the skin a natural matting and silky feel. Never shine again.

In addition, our balding cream contains important vitamins for healthy and well-groomed skin.

Masculine & Fresh.

With our Bald Cream, we have developed our distinctive BETTER BE BOLD DUFT together with one of the most renowned German fragrance houses. We worked on the fragrance for a long time to find the perfect creation. It is masculine and fresh at the same time, yet not too intrusive. The ideal fragrance to start the day.

No more bad hair days.

The decision to go bald is brave, but extremely liberating.
For me, it was the best decision of my life.

Dennis – Co-Founder of BETTER BE BOLD


Zero hair needs
hero care.

8 out of 10 men suffer from hereditary hair loss: This usually looks modest and is extremely stressful. Be brave and dare.

Need 3 good reasons to go bald?

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